Zero Tolerance Policy

We believe that every child has the right to learn without fear in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. We expect each and every student to be responsible for his/her own behaviour, to exercise self discipline and to refrain from behaviour that disturbs others.

We have adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY to ensure that we create a joyful, secure and stimulating learning environment. We have a zero tolerance approach to :

  • Bullying which includes cyber bullying, hitting, pinching, kicking, mean notes, teasing, spreading rumours, mean looks, intimidation, name calling, harassment and verbal threats
  • Bunking the school, classes, assembly or any activity
  • Bursting crackers and playing with colours or water balloons
  • Vandalism ( including pranks ) that results in damage to school property or other students’ belongings
  • Fights & violent acts causing injury to another person
  • Disrespectful gestures or remarks towards teachers & elders
  • Use of mobile phones ; if confiscated it will not be returned
  • Use of internet & vehicles
  • Late coming
  • Irregularity in completing assignments
  • E-cigarette, alcohol, tobacco or substance abuse
  • Display of tattoos on body
  • Fashionable haircut
  • Wearing rings, bracelets, kada, ear studs (for boys) etc.
  • Outburst of anger

Violation of school rules and regulations will be dealt with strictly. Following structured actions will be taken to curb such kind of incidents : Stepped Behaviour Procedure

Action taken in case of aggressive behaviour/abusive language/untidy grooming/ work default/ irregularity/ damage to school property/bursting crackers etc.