Mind Wars Quiz
  1. A 2nd round of the Mind Wars quiz was conducted in our school on 6/05/2022 i.e., Friday.
  2. 12 students of our school were selected after the first round which was conducted online.
  3. These 12 students were then divided into 6 teams i.e., A. B, C, D, E & F.
  4. As audience to witness this ground event IX-A Class was invited.
  5. All the students participated in four rounds & also there were audience questions, which motivated other children also to participate.
  6. TEAM D which included students – Vanshika Chaudhary of IX-B & Aakash Kishor Tiwari of Class X-B was the winning team which got the Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 500.
  7. TEAM F which included students- Ishaan Gandharv of IX-B & Muskan of X-A secured 2nd position and got Amazon vouches worth Rs. 250
  8. Each participant was awarded with the certificates, which were given by Principal ma’am.
  9. Appreciation certificates were also awarded to Principla Ma’am & Ms. Namrata Vashishth.