Teachers' Workshop
01.04.2024 to 30.04.2024

Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students

Date Event Venue & Organized by Attended by / Results / Remarks
04.04.2024 CBSE Webinar on ‘The life and works of Pandit Makhanlal Chaturvedi Ji’ ONLINE by CBSE Ms.Ravita, Ms.Meenakshi, Ms.Anuradha, Ms.Sush Sagar
05.04.2024 CBSE Reading Mission Prpgramme Bal Bhawan Public School, GC Lagan Marg, Mayur Vihar, ph-1, Delhi Ms.Ravita Todoan and Ms.Preeti Chawla
05.04.2024 Nodal Teachers Training for SAFAL 2024-25 DAV Pub. School, Shreshtha Vihaar, New Delhi Ms.Mamta Sharma
15.04.2024 & 16.04.2024 Two days webinar for Maths teachers Online by CBSE Mr.D.S.Rawat, Ms.Ruchi Jaryal and Ms.Paridhi ThukralA
19.04.2024 INTACH Teachers Training Workshop INTACH, 71, Lodi Estate, New Delhi Ms. Komal Yadav
19.04.2024 & 20.04.2024 Capacity Building Programme on Competency Based Assessment (Sec. level Maths) Shreeram World School, Sec-10, Dwarka, New Delhi Mr.K.K.Pathak
20.04.2024 Training session of all the teachers for Adobe Express School program Online Seesion by Depedagogics Attended by all the teachers
24.04.2024 Webinar for Hindi & Sanskrit teachers on the life of Rashtrakavi Sh. Ramdhani Singh Dinkar ji Online by CBSE Ms.Ravita Tandon and Dr.Rita Yadav
25.04.2024 Conference for promoting Sports & Physical Education in CBSE Schools PHD Chambers of Commerce & Industry, 4/2, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi Mr.Akhil Maini
26.04.2024 Capacity Building Programme on ‘Active Learning’ Guru Harkrishan Public School, 1, Purana Quila Road (India Gate), New Delhi Ms.Ruchi Jaryal
29.04.2024 Webinar for sensitizing schools about the CBSE Handbook – ‘Disaster Risk Reduction in Schools’ Online by CBSE Ms.Aman Kalsi
30.04.2024 Webinar on Global readiness- Fostering Skills for the Emerging Landscape Online by ETEDUCATION Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya
30.04.2024 Online Session on ‘Consequences of doping : legal, mental and societal’ for Phy. Ed. teachers National Anti-Doping Agency, & NCERT in collaboration with CBSE (Online) Mr.Akhil Maini and Phy.Ed.Deptt.
01.02.2024 to 29.02.2024
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students
Date Event Venue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
05.02.2024 to 09.02.2024 Online Training Series on Cyber Security Concerns in Emerging Technologies CBSE Mr.Gagan Batra and Ms.Mamta Sharma
12.02.2024 to 16.02.2024 Online Training Series on Blended Learning CBSE Ms.Rajni Bhullar and Ms.Ravita Tandon
12.02.2024 Webinar on ‘Canva for Education’ CBSE Ms. Kusum Sethi, Topics were Basics of Design, Design in Education and Digital Storytelling
26.02.2024 to 01.03.2024 Online Training Series on Developing eContent for Teaching and Learning of Mathematics CBSE All Maths teachers : - Mr.D.S.Rawat, Ms.G.Patiar, Mr.K.K.Pathak
08.02.2024 Webinar on 4th Edition of Harit Umang – Empowering Green Futures Harit Umang Team in collaboration with Panasonic Ms.Monika Lamba
14.02.2024 Virtual meeting regarding class X and XII Board Exam CBSE Mr.Sumit
20.02.2024 NPSC Conference India International Centre, New Delhi Mr.D.S.Rawat
01.01.2024 to 31.01.2024
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students
Date Event Venue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
06.01.2024 ATL Marathon Webinar series ‘How to mentor Students for ATL Marathon’ Online by Niti Ayog All Science teachers and Mr.Vanshaj attended
10.01.2024 Online meet for National Energy Literacy week Energy Swaraj Foundation Ms.Monika Lamba and Ms.Rableen Basra
19.01.2024 Orientation programme for Holistic Progress Card (Foundational Stage) Online by CBSE Ms.Neeru Sachdeva, Ms.Kusum & Pre-Primary teachers
20.01.2024 Webinar on Showcasing the exemplary ECCE practices of JB Bal Sadan, Ayodhaya Online by Association for Early Childhood Education and Development Ms.Neeru Sachdeva and Ms.KusumSethi
20.01.2024 Value Education Workshop Ramjas School, R.K.Puram, New Delhi Ms.Dimple Bainsla
23.01.2024 Webinar on Sports/ Physical Education, Fitnees and Leisure Skills Online by CBSE Mr.Sumit
30.01.2024 Online Orientation session for Collboration with Adobe on Digital Creativity Skills powered by Adobe Express Online by CBSE Ms.Mamta Sharma
30.01.2024& 31.01.2024 Competency based Assessment-Prospective Resource Programme on English Bal Bhawan Pub. School, Pocket B, Mayur Vihar, Ph-II, Delhi Ms.Preeti Chawla
30.01.2024 & 31.01.2024 Competency based Assessment-Prospective Resource Programme on Science ASN Sr.Sec.School, Mayur Vihar, Dlehi Ms.Rableen Basra
30.01.2024 IRIS National Fair and interact with innovators from across India Dr. B.R Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi Mr.J.S.Mishra and Ms.Kamia Tanwar
31.01.2024 Webinar on implementation of National Credit Framework (NCrF) in Schools Online by CBSE Ms.Neeru Sachdeva and Ms.Swati Bose
01.12.2023 to 31.12.2023
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students
Date Event Venue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
01.12.2023 General Body Meeting of Forum of Public Schools Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi Principal – Ms. Rajesh Bano Preeya
01.11.2023 to 30.11.2023
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students
Date Event Venue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
01.11.2023 to 03.11.2023 Online training on ‘Social Media and Cyber Security Online by CBSE Ms.Matmta Sharma
02.11.2023 Webinar on ‘No Place for fear - Ending School Violence for Better Mental Health and Learning’ Online by CBSE Ms.Monika Mehra and Ms.Shivani Sharma
06.11.2023 to 10.11.2023 Online Training programme on ‘Leveraging Digital Technology for Schools & Teacher Education Online by CBSE Mr.Gagan Batra and Ms.Matmta Sharma
17.11.2023& 21.11.2023 Online Conclave on Financial Literacy Online Awareness Programme on Financial Markets Management Online by CBSE Ms.Sonal Sikka on 17.12.2023 Ms.Dimple Bainsla
20.11.2023 to 24.11.2023 Online Training programme on ‘Developing of eContent – Audit Resources’ Online by CBSE Mr.Gagan Batra and Ms.Matmta Sharma
23.11.2023 Annual Career Fest ‘Illuminating Minds’ Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi Ms.Aman Kalsi with 5 students 1.Priyanka Gupta-XI-A, 2.Ishika Sood-XI-A, 3.Tanishka-IX-A, 4.Aakanksha-IX-A, 5.Taanvi-IX-A
24.11.2023 Webinar on Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) under the MoU (Story telling as pedagogy) Online by CBSE Ms.Neeru Sachdeva, Ms.Kusum Sethi
28.11.2023, 29.11.2023 & 30.11.2023 CBP on Artificial Intelligence Online by CBSE Mr.Gagan Batra
29.11.2023 AGF Principals Connect Master Class : Mindset Matters Empowering Leadership Online by ANON Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya
01.10.2023 to 31.10.2023
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students
Date Event Venue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
01.10.2023 Swachhta Hi Sewa Campaign Online by ICT Science Rekha, Govt. of India Participation done by School’s whole staff
05.10.2023 Webinar on removing barriers and establishing policies to increase access and provide credit to CBSE students Online by CBSE Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya
10.10.2023 to 13.10.2023 CBSE Reading Challenge Round II Online by CBSE Incharge – Ms.Shalini Tyagi
10.10.2023 & 11.10.2023 CBP on Critical & Creative Thinking CBSE, Patparganj, Delhi East Ms.Rajni Bhullar
11.10.2023 & 25.10.2023 Students Exchange programme with Japan Online Online Students Exchange programme conducted with Japan for class-XI, Subjects – Chemistry and Mathematics, Teacher Incharges – Ms.Sangeeta Joshi and Mr.D.S.Rawat, Ms.Neeru Sachdeva-Host teacher and Ms.Monika Lamba-Overall Incharge
11.10.2023 to 13.10.2023 CBP on Artificial Intelligence for teachers ONLINE by CBSE Ms.Mamta Sharma
12.10.2023 Follow-up Live Q & A Session : Assessment Strategy under the New NCF Webinar by Viva Education Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya
11.10.2023 & 12.10.2023 CBSE training on ‘Digital Technology for Children with Special Needs’ Online by CBSE Ms.Monika Mehra
16.10.2023 to 20.10.2023 Five Days Webinar to celebrate ‘Dyslexia Awareness Week’ Online by CBSE Ms.Monika Mehra & Ms.Shivani Sharma
19.10.2023 Webinar – Onboarding of Schools on Skill India Portal as Skill Hubs under PMKVY 4.0. Online by CBSE Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya
20.10.2023 & 21.10.2023 CBP on Joyful Mathematics The Samarth School, Gurudwara Road, D Block Park, Dilshad Garden, Delhi Mr.K.K.Pathak
20.10.2023 Art integrated science competition BVN, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi Event : One Light, Countless Shadows : Kavya Dubey-VIII, Eshika Nirwan - VIII
25Faculty Development Programme Online by Chandigarh University Ms.Neeru, Ms.Kusum, Ms.Anuradha,Ms.Jasmeet, Ms.Rableen, Ms.Ruchi and Mr.K.K.Pathak
26.10.2023 CBSE online Live/Streaming of the topic ‘Prevention of Road accidents among adolescents ONLINE by CBSE Mr.Akhil, Mr.Param, Mr.Yamesh and Ms.Kalimun
26.10.2023 An online explainer session on the Environmental Audit (Understanding the What, Why and How of Audit) ONLINE by CSE, India Ms.Kamia andMs.Monika Lamba
27.10.2023 NPSC Workshop on Ancient Wisdom, Futuristic Learning :Understanding the Potential of Education Tagore International School, East of Kailash New Delhi Ms.Kusum Sethi
28.10.2023 Enhancing Cyber Wellness : Safeguarding the future Generation Online by LearnX All the teachers attended



01.09.2023 to 30.09.2023

Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students



Venue & Organised by

Attended by / Results / Remarks


Exclusive FLIP Training Session


All the teachers

04.09.2023 to 08.09.2023

CBSE Webinars on Development of E-Content

- Topic-Internet of Things & Mobile Security

- Cyber Security Risk with Internet of things

- Securing IOT Devices

- Mobile Security Threats and Security Measures

- Legal Ways of Handling security threats

Online by CBSE

Ms.Mamta Sharma and Mr.Gagan Batra


Awakening Online Training

RK Mission, Gurugram

1.Ms.Harpreet Kaur, 2. Ms.Shilpa Grover, 3.Ms.Tanya Arora, 4. Ms.Pooja Ahrodia

11.09.2023 &


SQAAF webinar - Policy Making session & Self assessment on portal

Online by CBSE

Ms.Rishika Chakravorty


CBSE workshop on ‘Learning Outcomes and Pedagogies’

Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Ms.Rishika Chakravorty


Online ACCU Teachers Exchange Programme

Centre for Environment Education (CEE)

Ms.Monika Lamba


Webinar on ‘Unlocking Bullying at school’

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

All the teachers


CBSE workshop on ‘Stress Management’

Little Flowers Public Sr. Sec. School, Shivaji Mark, Shahdara, Delhi

Ms.Shilpa Grover


Online Sensitization Meeting of Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan

Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan

Ms.Geetanjli Patiar

19.09.2023 & 20.09.2023

National Summit of CBSE

National Coding Challenge Event

National Agricultural Science Complex, Dev Prakash Shastri Marg, Opp. Dusghara Village, Pusa, New Delhi – 110012

Ms. Ruby

Ms. Mamta Sharma & student – Naman Singh Rawat -IX


Delhi Tide Turner School Champions dialogue with UNEP Education chief

MP Hall, Kaka Ji, No.1, SKV, Veer Savarkar, New Delhi

Ms.Harpeet Kaur


Workshop-Global Webinar for senior students on ‘How to be a New Age Engineer’ speaker from AU & MIT - UN


Mr.J.S.Mishra and 20 students of class X-XII


Meeting with DDE, Zone – 20 with Principals of Private Schools

Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya


Training programme on Theory of knowledge by CBSE

CBSE, Patparganj, New Delhi

Ms. Aditi Rai


Webinar on ‘ Competency Based assessment

CBSE, Patparganj, New Delhi

Attended by Ms. Aman Kalsi, Ms. Ravita Tandon, Ms. Sonal Sikka, Ms. Gagan Batra, Ms. Jasmeet Kaur, Ms. Shilpa Grover, Ms. Hemanshi Sharma, Ms. Tanya Arora, Ms. Monika Lamba,

Ms. Aditi Rai, Ms. Shalu Bari, Ms. Harshita Sharma, Ms. Ruby, Mr. Yamesh Tiwari, Mr. Param Shivplaha, Ms. K. Nisha, Ms. Kusum Sethi, Ms. Nisha Ahuja, Ms. Anupama Puri, Ms. Rekha Negi, Ms. Harpreet Kaur, Ms. Aeshita Joshi, Ms. Vaneeta Talwar


Virtual meeting on ‘Ek Tareek, Ek Ghanta’ for promoting ‘Swachhata Hi Sewa Prgoramme’

By Secretary, School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India

Dr. Rita Yadav

01.08.2023 to 31.08.2023
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students
Date Event Venue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
02.08.2023 MoU signing ceremony between SIAM and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) on Road Safety Education & Awareness Program Regal Hall, Hotel Lalit, Barakhmaba Road, New Delhi Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya, Mr.Akhil Maini & Ms.Neeru Sachdeva and 4 students : 1.Garima-XI, 2.Prince Kumar-XI-B, 3.Prabhleen Kaur-XI-B, 4.Ishan Gandharv-X-B
04.08.2023 CATCH PE Pilot training programme YMCA Auditorium by Hriday Shan Mr.Param Shivplaha
04.08.2023 Training on ‘Online Financial Security’ Online by CBSE All the teachers
05.08.2023 & 09.08.2023, 11.08.2023, 23.08.2023, 31.08.2023 Webinar on SQAAF (School Quality Assessment & Assurance Framework ) CBSE Ms.Rishika Chakravorty
10.08.2023 & 11.08.2023Webinar on Leveraging Broadcast for Digital EducationOnline by CBSEMs.Mamta Sharma
10.08.2023CBP for teachers Augmented Reality-Virtual Reality (AR-VR)Online by CBSEMs.Mamta Sharma
11.08.2023Counselling Approaches Session under Guidance and Counselling training programmeOnline by CBSEMs.Monika Mehra
19.08.2023 NCERT Orientation Programme in collaboration with FPS NCERT Auditorium, New Delhi Ms.Monika Mehra and Ms.Shivai Sharma
21.08.2023 International Road Federation (India Chapter) Road Safety Lecture Series (4 th lecture) Seminar Hall, India International Centre, New Delhi Mr. Param Shivplaha
21.08.2023 & 22.08.2023 CBP on English Core Central Aacd Intl. School, Sec- 10, Dwarka Ms.Swati Bose
22.08.2023 & 23.08.2023 CBP on Joyful Mathematics Delhi Public School, Sec-C, Pkt- B, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi Ms.Aditi Rai
25.08.2023 NPSC General Body meeting Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya
29.08.2023 Webinar on ‘Major Dhyan Chand : A role model for every aspiring athlete’ Online by CBSE Mr. Akhil Maini, Mr. Param Shivplaha, Ms. K.Nisha, Mr. Sumit
31.08.2023 SkillBuild Program & Orientation session on Generative AI in collaboration with IBM Online by CBSE Ms. Mamta Sharma
01.07.2023 to 31.07.2023
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers
Date Event Venue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
06.07.2023 & 07.07.2023 Online Orientation (Introductory Ice Breaking Session) HT Pace Internship Programme Hindustan Times Ms.Preeti Chawla with 2 students – Tania Porel  - XII –C, Harshal Adewa – XI-C
08.07.2023 Accountancy Workshop Rukmini Devi Public School, CD Block, Pitampura, New Delhi Mr.Sajjan Jha
09.07.2023 Organisation on 1 st Van Mahotsav / Free Sapling Distribution drive Indian Agricultural Research Institute, IARI, Pusa, New Delhi Ms.Pushpa Rani with 3 students – Danya, Deepakshi and Aabha – VIII-B
10.07.2023 Orientation session for CBSE Schools on UNESCO School Health and Wellness programme Online by CBSE Ms. Aditi Rai and Ms.Rajni Bhullar attended
10.07.2023 & 24.07.2023 Webex webinar on PRAYOG trainingCBSEPrincipal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya Ms. Swati Bose, Ms. Manisha
21.07.2023, 25.07.2023, 27.07.2023, 28.07.2023 & 31.07.2023Webinar on SQAAF (School Quality Assessment & Assurance Framework )CBSEPrincipal-Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya, Ms.Neeru Sachdeva and Ms.Rajni Bhullar Ms.Swati Bose & Ms.Kusum Sethi on 21.07.2023 Ms.Swati Bose on 25.07.2023 Ms.Rishika Chakravorty on 27.07.2023 & 28.07.2023, 31.07.2023
11.07.2023Special Physics Workshop – Riding alongside a light beamBirla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar – IV, New Delhi- 110004Ms.Rableen Basra with 4 students Gouhar Chopra – X-A, Tanya – X-A, Tanishka Rajput – X-B, Pranav – X-B
12.07.2023 Online Session on Intro to IPR & its importance Atal Innovation Mission Mr.J.S.Mishra
12.07.2023 & 13.07.2023 Webinar for GenCAN challenge (Generation for Climate Action) Online by Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Ms. Monika Lamba
14.07.2023 Online Teacher Training Workshop for ‘Earthian – paryavaran mitra programme 2023-2024’ Online by Centre for Environment Education Ms.Monika Lamba
17.07.2023 International Road Federation – India Chapter (IRF-IC)Road Safety Lecture series Conference Room – II, Main Bldg., India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi Mr.Param Shivplaha
17.07.2023 Panel discussion with Smt. Smriti Irani, Honorable Union Minister on 'Empowering Education: Addressing Women and Child Development' Bhim Auditorium, Dr.Ambedkar International Centre, Janpath, New Delhi Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya
20.07.2023 Google meeting for 'The Indian Navy Quiz - ThINQ-2023' for school children under the campaign 'Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav' and to commemorate India assuming chairmanship of the prestigious G-20 Indian Navy in collaboration with DoE Dr.Rita Yadav
20.07.2023 Visit of School Children to local Police Station Police Station, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi Total – 78 (IX-A-38 & IX-B-40) students with Mr.Akhil Maini, Ms.Aman Kalsi & Mr.Mukesh Tiwari visited
21.07.2023 Donation for Flood Effected Areas Relief Fund Camps, ITO, New Delhi Mr.Akhil Maini and Ms.Neeru Sachdeva with 4 students (Sr.Head Boy-Manav Tripathi-XII-B, Head Girl-Ritika Rai-XIII-B & Jr.Head Boy-Varnit-V-B, Head Girl-Avni Tanwar-V-A)
22.07.2023 CBP on Happy Classroom Bal Bhawan Public School, Dwarka Ms.Dimpla Bainsla
23.07.2023 Google certified coding workshop on ‘Making Interactive coding workshop’ Online by Cyberorg Ms.Mamta Sharma
27.07.2023 LearnX Certificate Introductory Webinar Atal Innovation Mission Mr.J.S.Mishra
27.07.2023 General Body Meeting Online by NPSC Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya
28.07.2023 Visit to Arya Mahila Ashram & Donation of items Old Age Home, Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi Abha-VIII-B, Naman Tanwar-XI-C & Gauri Rajput-XI-B with Mr.Akhil Maini and Ms.Monika Lamba
24.07.2023 to 28.07.2023 Online Sessions on Development of eContent Resources CBSE Ms.Mamta Sharma
29.07.2023 Installation Ceremony of Rtn. Shrawan Chhajer as President & team for 2023-24 by Rotary Club of Delhi Heights 40, Max Meuller Marg, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi Mr.Akhil Maini and Ms.Neeru Sachdeva with 2 students – Naman Tanwar-XI-C & Gauri Rajput-XI-B
29.07.2023 ‘Akhil Bharatiya Shiksha Samagam’ On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the National Education Policy 2020 Live telecast by Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Venue - Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi Attended by 860 students from all classes and 58 staff members
30.07.2023 Exhibition on the occasion of celebration of National Education Policy 2020 Hall no.14, Gate no.7, ITPO, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Attended by Mr.D.S.Rawat, Dr.Rita Yadav, Ms. Aman Kalsi, Ms. Aditi Rai, Ms. Kusum Sethi, Ms.Anuradha Sengupta, Ms.Rajni Bhullar, Ms.Manisha & Ms.Shalini
31.07.2023 Webinar on Ms. Kalpana Chawla : Inspiring Journey Beyond The Sky Online/Live streaming by CBSE Ms.Rableen Basra
01.05.2023 to 31.05.2023
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students
Date Event Venue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
02.05.2023 & 03.05.2023 The Awakened Citizen Program Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi Ms. Preeti Chawla and Ms. Puja Mathur
09.05.2023 Webinar on Block painting (Skill Module) CBSE Ms.Harpeet Kaur
09.05.2023 Webinar on Mask Making (Skill Module)CBSEMs.Ruby and Ms.Harpeet Kaur
19.05.2023 Webinar on Road Safety for Children for the celebration of UN Global Road Safety Week Synergie OrganisationPrincipal – Ms. Rajesh Bano Preeya
19.05.2023 Webinar on Embroodery (Skill Module)CBSEMs.Ruby
29.05.2023Webinar on ‘Promoting use of Libraries & Cultivating Reading Habits’CBSEMs.Shalini Tyagi
08.05.2023National Level Awareness Webinar for Physical Education teachersBy NADAMr.Param Shivplaha
10.05.2023 National Technology Day (Online) GMPS Ms.Khushhali Agrawal - Incharge
31.05.2023 Workshop on ‘How to teach effectively using pedagogical methods’ GMPS by Goyal Prakashan Ms. Tarana Chakerwarti - Resource Person Attended by all the teachers
01.04.2023 to 30.04.2023
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students
Date Event Venue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
05.04.2023 & 06.04.2023ACP Year – 2 Teachers’ Training Facilitators Development Workshop Online by RK Mission, New DelhiMs. Harshita Sharma and Ms. Ravita Tandon
10.04.2023 CBP on Creative Expression through performing arts & Performing of arts – Modern ConceptsCBSE ( Online)Ms. Ruby
12.04.2023Workshop on NEP 2020Navbharti Public School, Deepali, Pitampura, Delhi – 34Dr.Rita Yadav
13.04.2023Visiting Festival of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (FINE)Rashtrapati Bhawan, New DelhiMs.Puja Mathur with 3 students, 1.Khushi Tanwar – XII- C, 2.Aakash – XII-C, 3.Tania Porel – XII-C
13.04.2023CBP on Life SkillsCBSE, Parparganj, New DelhiMr.Akhil Maini
18.04.2023Teachers’ Training workshop on ‘Facets of India’s Unique Heritage’71, Lodhi Estate, KK Birla Lane, New DelhiMs. Aman Kalsi
26.04.2023Meeting regarding Summer Camp for School StudentsTraffic Training Park, Punjabi Bagh, New DelhiMr.Akhil Maini
01.02.2023 to 28.02.2023
Inter School / State level / Sports / Other Competitions
Date Event Venue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
03.02.2023 ‘A’ Certificate Examination RPVV, Hari Nagar, New Delhi19 students of IX-A & B with Ms.Pushpa Rani Prepared by Dr.Rita Yadav 1.Vanshika Choudhary-IX-B, 2.Aarushi Sharma-IX-B, 3.Vaishnavi Rajput-IX-A, 4.Sachi Rawat-IX-B, 5.Preksha- IX-A, 6.Vaibhavi Vishwakarma-IX-A, 7.Devanshi-IX-B, 8.Ostriya-IX-A, 9.Mitali Laka-IX-A, 10.Tanya-IX-A, 11.Jiya Nirwan-IX-A, 12.Tanishka-IX-B, 13.Tanishka Rajput-IX-B, 14.Rishita Aggarwal-IX-B, 15.Bhumika-IX- B, 16.Vanya Jain-IX-B, 17.Akshita Phore-IX-B, 18.Riya- IX-B, 19.Richa-IX-B
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar / Courses attended by teachers / students
06.02.2023 & 07.02.2023 Capacity Building Programme on Science SecondaryGreenway Modern School, Between Pockets A & D, Dilshad Garden, DelhiMs.Monika Lamba
13.02.2023 & 14.02.2023 Capacity Building Programme on Joyful MathsSt.Thomas School, Goyala Vihar, Near Sec-19, Dwarka, New DelhiMs.Aditi Rai
15.02.2023Capacity Building Programme on Environment EducationCentre of Excellence, Delhi East, Patparganj, DelhiMs.Kamia Tanwar
13.02.2023 & 15.02.2023Live Demo of Augmented Reality & Virtual Labs on DIKSHA portalCBSE (CIET, NCERT)Mr.J.S.Mishra on 13.02.2023, Ms.Monika & Ms.Manisha on 15.02.2023
15.02.2023 & 17.02.2023Presentation of Welcome Song and Prize Distribution & Commemorative Function of Road Safety ClubAdarsh Auditorium, Police Head Quarters, New DelhiOur road safety initiatives got acknowledged and honourable Commissioner of Police, Sh. Sanjay Arora awarded the Special Appreciation Certificate to Principal – Ms.Rajesh Banopreeya and Mr. Akhil for the endeavours to ensure safe mobility on roads. Choir group of 9 students presented the Welcome Song : 1.Shruti Singh-VIII-B 2.Kritika Dawar-VIII-B, 3.Gritha Bhola- VIII-B, 4.Jahanvi Chawla-VIII-B, 5.Suhani Tanwar-VIII- B, 6.Teeya Choudhary-VIII-B, 7.Kavya Dubey-VII-B, 8.Archana-VII-B, 9.Ishita Gandharv-VII-B
24.02.2023Webinar on Accelerating action on Air Pollution from a Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) perspective: Prioritising multi- stakeholder engagementHRIDAY, the Secretariat of the Healthy India Alliance/India NCD Alliance (HIA)Principal – Ms. Rajesh Bano Preeya and all Science teachers attended – Mr. J. S. Mishra, Ms.Sangeeta Joshi, Ms.Kamia Tanwar, Ms.Monika Lamba, Ms.Khushhali Agrawal, Ms.Manisha
28.02.2023Mega Plantation eventBella Farm, Yamuna Flood PlainsMs.Kamia Tanwar & Ms.Monika Lamba
30.01.2023 to 18.02.2023NCC Refresher courseNCC Officers Training Academy, GwaliorANO (Associate NCC Officer) Second Officer Dr.Rita Yadav completed NCC Refresher course for 20 days i.e. 30.01.2023 to 18.02.2023 at NCC Officers Training Academy, Gwalior
Workshop / Seminar / Activities / Competitions / Celebrations conducted at School
05.02.2023Annual Winter CarnivalGMPSAn array of culinary delights, raffle draw and exciting prizes ensured an unforgettable time with near and dear ones. The zest and zeal exhibited by the enthusiastic crowd of visitors made the Winter Carnival 2023 a memorable one
25.02.2023Graduation CeremonyGMPSFor Pre-Primary classes
15.02.2023Amritpex, A National Philatelic ExhibitionPragati Maidan by Deptt. of PostsTotal 156 students attended, VI-A–41, VI-B-43, VII-A-37 & VII-B-35, Escort teachers – Mr.Akhil Maini, Ms.Aditi Rai, Ms.Preeti Chawla, Ms.Ruby & Ms.Manisha
22.02.2023Adventure CampRocksports Pvt. Lt.dClasses Pre-School to IV
01.01.2023 to 31.01.2023
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar attended by teachers
10.01.2023 Training Programme on Integrated Payment SystemDelhi International School Edge, Sec-18, Dwarka, New DelhiMs.Babita Wason and Mr.Muneshwar Singh
12.01.2023 Webinar on ‘Swami Vivekanand’s Teachings: Relevance for Today’s Students’CBSEAwakening teachers : - Ms.Anuradha Sengupta, Ms.Jasmeet Kaur, Ms.Hemanshi Sharma, Ms.Aarti, Ms.Shivani Tayal, Ms.Manasvi Mehrotra, Ms.Nisha Ahuja, Ms.Rajni Bhullar, Ms.Neeru Sachdeva, Ms.Preeti Chawla Awakened teachers : - Ms.Aditi Rai, Ms.Geetanjli Patiar, Dr.Rita Yadav, Ms.Aman Kalsi, Ms.Shalini Tyagi
16.01.2023 Auto Expo ‘The Motor Show’India Expo Mart, Greater Noida, U.P.30 Students of Class VIII with Ms.Monika Lamba and Mr.Param Shivplaha
17.01.2023 Webinar on ‘Mitigating Strategies against Road Accidents & its Consequences to achieve Road Safety’CBSEAll the teachers
25.01.2023 Webinar on Inter linkages between Non- Communicable Diseases and Air Pollution : Opportunities for youth- led actionHriday Shaan / Healthy India AllianceMs.Kamia Tanwar and Ms.Monika Lamba
01.12.2022 to 31.12.2022
Workshop / Seminar attended by teachers
07.12.2022 & 08.12.2022 Capacity Building Programme for Experiential Learning Pragati Public School, Dwarka, New DelhiMs.Manisha
20.12.2022 & 21.12.2022 Capacity Building Programme on AccountancySachdeva Global School, Sector-Dwarka, New DelhiMr.Sajjan Jha
01.10.2022 to 31.10.2022
Workshop / Seminar / Webinar attended by teachers
01.10.2022Launch of 5G by Hon’ble Prime Minister of IndiaVirtual mode by Ministry of Education’s Innovation CellAttended by 206 participants including students and teacher's
17.10.2022 & 18.10.2022Workshop on PhysicsSt.Thomas School, Dwarka, New DelhiMs.Khushhali Agrawal
17.10.2022 & 18.10.2022Workshop on MathematicsCBSE, Patparganj, New DelhiMs.Ruchi Jaryal
19.10.2022Workshop on Happy ClassroomGreenway Modern School , Dilshad Garden , New DelhiMs.Neeru Sachdeva
20.10.2022Sensitization Training Programme for Nodal officers of Tobacco Control CommitteeSBV, Delhi Cantt.,New Delhi Mr.Param Shivplaha
21.10.2022‘Diya Jalao Patakhe Nahi’ EventCentral Park,Rajiv Chowk,New DelhiMr.Param Shivplaha
October 2022Teachers Olympiad (Online)By Surassa.comMs.Ravita Tandon, Ms.Swati Bose, Ms.Parhelika Sharma and Ms.Shivani Tayal registered and completed the Olympiad
Saturday , 10.9.2022


Gyan Mandir Public School , Naraina Vihar , New Delhi , hosted the CBSE Capacity Building Workshop on Gender Sensitivity on Saturday, 10 September 2022.

The Capacity Building Programme was attended by the staff of Gyan Mandir Public School. A total of 53 teachers attended the one day programme.

The eminent resource person, Ms. Rajni Ashat , commenced the session with a discussion on ‘Gender Construct’. She emphasized upon the importance of gender sensitivity as gender bias is still prevalent in society and how society needs to undergo a change in overcoming stereotypes which define the role of men and women and vice versa.

The resource person discussed the role of power in gender relationships and instructed the teachers to not use any gender sensitive language in the classroom. She was of the opinion that the books prescribed in the curriculum must include topics on gender sensitivity and the same should be an integral part of the syllabus. She also suggested that study material on ‘Gender Sensitivity’ should be made available to the students and teachers. She urged the teachers to establish a congenial environment in the classroom and encourage discussions with students on topics related to sex and gender.

She shared her concerns on violence based on gender and remarked that historically, women have been treated as victims of oppression and violence. She recommended that steps should be taken to resolve conflicts based on these issues and equal status should be granted to all genders.

The workshop covered a huge range of topics towards understanding the importance of gender sensitivity – beginning from awareness about gender to strategies for integration of gender sensitivity in teaching.

The participants at the workshop played a proactive role as the entire workshop was conducted in an interactive style. Each participant took initiative to express his/her point of view .

The session concluded with Ms. Rajesh Bano Preeya , Principal , Gyan Mandir Public School , emphasising that people should not be discriminated against , on the basis of biological differences and that we, a society of educated individuals, must become the ‘change-makers’. Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms. Babita Wason , Vice Principal , Gyan Mandir Public School . Certificates were given to all the participants in the end.

01.05.2022 to 31.05.2022
Workshop / Seminar attended by teachers
DateEventVenue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
12.05.2022 Workshop on National Education Policy-2020CBSE,CoE, Patparganj, New DelhiPrincipal-Ms.R. Bano Preeya
13.05.2022 Physics Webinar – ‘Oscillations, waves and mathematical models’Online by BVN-AnveshikaMr.J.S.Mishra
20.05.2022 Webinar on International Day on Biological Diversity, 2022Online by Eco Club, Delhi Sect., New DelhiMs.KamiaTanwar

Workshop conducted by Anon Foundation

Recreational activities play a major role in maintaining the mental and social wellness of individuals. In this pursuit, a workshop for teachers was organised on 21st June 2022 ,at Gyan Mandir Public School, by a South Delhi based NGO ,ANON FOUNDATION. The guest speakers for the workshop wereMs. Shammi Proothi and Ms. Davinder Kaur.

The workshop began with an introduction about their organisation and the purpose behind its establishment. The speakers, through simple activities and conversations, gave the answer to the questions related to our existence and our life's purpose on earth. A witty question, 'which block did you remove?', highlighted the core theme of the workshop that one must never compromise with his or her 'me' time. A juggler's concept of throwing glass balls and rubber balls in the air explained the importance of giving priority to,first of all ,our health, then our family and finally the spirit . The finger tussle activity highlighted the importance of mellowing found and peacefully resolving differences. The key note of the workshop was to take pride in one's being. It emphasised on the fact that we are all special and unique in our own way and we must remember our duties and responsibilities, that is to rationally choose quality over quantity in every sphere and aspect of life.

01.04.2022 to 30.04.2022
Workshop / Seminar attended by teachers
DateEventVenue & Organised byAttended by / Results / Remarks
01.04.2022Preparation of Quiz on Road Safety (Knowledge on various formats of road safety competition through online/offline mode)Traffic Training Park, Roshanara Bagh, Roshanara Road, Near Clock Tower, DelhiMs.Namrata Vashishth gave a presentation there on Road Safety
04.04.2022Session on Sally Ride EarthKAM ProjectONLINE by Team Space IndiaGouhar Chopra-IX-A, Akshat Tanwar-X-A Incharge - Ms.Khushhali Agrawal
06.04.2022Webinar on Air Pollution and Children’s HealthONLINE by Lung Care FoundationMs.Monika Lamba
07.04.2022Interact Club (Rotary) MeetingIndia Habitat Centre, New DelhiAditi Kumari –XII-B, Shreshtha XII-B gave presentation on our school’s achievements Incharge – Ms.Neeru Sachdeva
08.04.2022Webinar on CUCET Entrance Exam and International Education in IndiaONLINE by Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development Principal-Ms.R.Bano Preeya, Ms.Babita Wason
09.04.2022Webinar on Approaching Bloom’s Taxonomy through constructivism in PhysicsONLINE by BVN-AnveshikaMs.Khushhali Agrawal and Mr.J.S.Mishra
12.04.2022Prospective Resource Person Programme on ScienceCoE Delhi East, Patparganj, DelhiMr.J.S,Mishra
19.04.2022Teacher Training Workshop INTACH, New DelhiMs.Namrata Vashishth
21.04.2022Capacity Building Programme on Happy Classroom Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi Ms.Khushhali Agrawal
21.04.2022Adolescence Symposium – A period of Bumps and Humps Indian International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi by Advance Healthcare Foundation Ms.Nishee Chauhan with 7 Students
23.04.2022Meeting regarding - Orientation of the CUET (UG) - 2022 examinationOnline by National Testing AgencyMr.Gaurav Kumar attended
23.04.2022Meeting regarding – Sahodaya School Complex Organised by GMPS (Online)4 Principal attended 1.APS, Delhi Cantt., 2.Mount Carmel School, 3.SKR Public School, 4.GMPS
23.04.2022Seminar on 'Annual No Agenda Conversations'Goonj, FICCI, Auditorium, 3rd Floor, Mandi House, New DelhiMs.Manisha
25.04.2022Live webcast on the modalities for the conduct of Term-II examOnline by CBSE Attended by Principal-Ms.R.Bano Preeya, Ms.B.Wason, Mr.Akhil, Mr.D.S.Rawat and Mr.Sanoj Kumar
26.04.2022Prospective Resource Person Programme on EnglishCoE Delhi East, Patparganj, DelhiMs.Swati Bose
28.04.2022Prospective Resource Person Programme on HindiCoE Delhi East, Patparganj, DelhiMs.Ravita Tadon
28.04.2022Online session on the concept of ‘The Emerging Concept’Hosted by St.Joseph’s Sr.Sec.School, ChandigarhResource Person - Dr.V.S.Ravindran, Attended by Principal – Ms.R.Bano Preeya
30.04.2022Capacity Building Programme on Secondary AssessmentEast Point School Dallupura, Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi Ms.Aman Kalsi