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01.08.2023 to 31.08.2023
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05.08.2023 Open Day cum PTM & Exhibition 2023 GMPS Attended by the parents of classes I to X, distinguished guests
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(What to do & what not to do as a parent)

Mobile addiction has become one of the main causes of concern for every parent today. In today’s world where all our errands are run online, it is a difficult task for children to stay away from mobile phones. Schools are facing a major online shift due to the pandemic and keeping children away from mobile phones has become more challenging.

Keeping in mind the rising concern, Gyan Mandir Public School organised a webinar , in association with Fortis Healthcare , for parents on the topic ‘MOBILE AND INTERNET ADDICTION IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS’ (What to do & what not to do as a parent) on Saturday, 23.07.2022.

The resource persons ,Dr.Trideep Kumar Choudhury , a Consultant Psychiatrist at Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare and Dr. Aditi Kaul , Head-Expressive Arts Based Therapist Psychologist , Fortis Healthcare, emphasized that the burning issue is that children have become addicted to internet and mobile phone. They play video games on the Internet in excess and can’t physically stop checking social media which is interfering with their relations with family members and also with academics.

The resource persons apprised the parents about the negativeconsequences – both medical and social; of overusing the mobile phones. They briefed about how the overuse of mobiles is one of the major causes of brain tumours, eyesight and hearing related problems. Moreover, it also leads to cyber bullying, isolationand loneliness in children.

They gave insightful tips to the parents to teach children responsible decision-making skills so that they can be prepared to be smart consumers of smartphones and internet applications.