Students' Workshop
01.01.2023 to 31.01.2023
Workshop / Seminar conducted at School
19.01.2023Founder Vice President Memorial day (Shradhanjali)GMPSThe day was commemorated to pay homage and tribute to the great soul, Founder Vice President Ma’am, Mrs. Kanwal Khosla. The academic toppers of the session 2021 – 2022 were felicitated with Gyan Jyoti Award.
27.01.2023Live telecast of Pariksha Pe Charcha eventONLINE by CBSEAttended by 500 students of Classes IX to XII students
01.12.2022 to 31.12.2022
14.12.2022Cyber Awareness WorkshopSHO, NarainaConducted at school for classes IX to XI
01.05.2022 to 31.05.2022
Workshop / Seminar / Activities / Celebrations conducted at School
07.05.2022Mothers’ Day CelebrationGMPSIn all classes
09.05.2022Workshop on Stream Selection for class X and Career Counselling for Class XIIPratham Online at GMPSClass X and XII students
Incharge – Mr.J.S.Mishra and Ms.B.Wason
10.05.2022 to 13.05.2022Students Heath CheckupGMPSConducted at school for all students, health check up done by School Doctor and Nurse

IT Department
Webinar conducted by : Juanatech
Date : 13.4.2022
Venue : Jr. computer lab
Topic : Minecraft Education Edition
Time : 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Teacher Incharge: Ms. Mamta Sharma

55 Students from classes VI to IX attended the session. It was an online webinar for the students. Training for Minecraft Education Edition was given and students logged in with their Office 365 ID and password and did hands on at the same time. It was a fruitful session for the session and they learned controls and tips & tricks for the software.


Date : 09/05/2022 Venue: SCHOOL AUDITORIUM


Main features of the workshop:

  1. Stream selection after class-X & Career options after grade-XII
  2. Information regarding CUET-22, Law Entrance, MBA Program from India and abroad,Hotel management, Mass communication programs etc.
    1. Study in India & Abroad universities.
      Special Focus on American, Australian & European Universities
    2. Pattern of CUET-22 exam & its preparation.
      Report prepared by: J. S. Mishra


Date:25/04/2022 Venue: SCHOOL AUDITORIUM


Main features of the workshop:

Stream selection after class-X & Career options after grade-XII

  1. Study in India & Abroad universities.
  2. Special Focus on American, Australian & European Universities.
  3. Pattern of CUET-22 exam & its preparation.

Workshop conducted on ,'Emerging Careers in 2026' - A Report

Conventional education is gradually giving way to values, manners and skill based education systems. Career choice is one of the most important milestones in an individual's life involving self analysis, critical thinking and finally decision making. To apprise the students about the emerging career options available for students today ,a workshop was conducted for the students of Grade XI and XII in the school auditorium on 2 August 2022. The guest speaker for the workshop was Mr. Ashish Garg, a seasoned verbal faculty who has restructured and re-engineered various modules in training and behavioural skills.

The workshop aimed at giving students the much needed information about different educational and vocational courses available in Delhi and the Job opportunities through competitive examinations after Grade 12th. Mr. Garg briefed the students about the CUET and threw light on the emerging careers that are slowly gaining popularity today. He also talked about the fast emerging unconventional careers in Science, Commerce and Humanities respectively. Courses such as ,'Forensic Accounting ', 'Block Chain Management' and 'Artificial Intelligence ' have a long way to go. Psychology is another field where the youth of the day is enthusiastically investing. Informative videos were shown to the students on comparison between career choices. The guest speaker also answered the queries of the students and gave valuable feedback. The workshop proved to be quite helpful for all.

Addressing Cyber Crime: The Need Of The Hour- A Report

The youth of today has become an easy target of online crime. In order to create awareness amongst the pupils of the 21st century, about the hazards of the virtual world, a workshop was organised for the students of Grades IX to XII in the school auditorium on 03.08.2022. The Guest speaker was Mr.Ashish Garg,a seasoned faculty who has restructured and re-engineered various modules in training and behavioural skills.

Cyber Crime has hard hit the youth of today. This fact was brought to light by the speaker through simple conversations and examples from the community around us. Videos on cyber crimes being committed and their consequences, were shown to students to make them aware of the darker side of the internet. The focus of the session was to create awareness about the usage of networking devices, which have become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. An individual, who is unaware of the uses of the cyber world is vulnerable to the risks it poses. The entire session was meticulously designed and executed. It covered a wide range of issues from morphing to online predators. Mr.Garg discussed the reasons behind an increased rate of cyber-crime and also shared measures that could be easily taken by the users to effectively avoid being victims of it. The data and the real time case studies discussed, helped the students to understand the message with absolute clarity. The workshop was a big eye opener for one and all present there.

Workshop Report

Day & Date : Tuesday; 18/10/2022

Time: 8:15am-9:30am

Organised by : TIME

Resource Person: Mr. Amit Poddar

Topic of the workshop: Time Management for students.

Summary:The main focus of the workshop was on daily timetable utilizing time after school. The resource person Mr. Poddar suggested the students to write diary at night & analyze them everyday. He also discussed different techniques and theory of time management to reap maximum benefits.

Report of workshop – “Good Touch, Bad Touch”

An educational and informative workshop on ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch‘ was conducted by Anon Global Foundation for Pre Primary Department on Monday, 26.09.22 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Students were shown an interesting presentation to make them aware about what to do if someone tries bad touch. Some playful activities were also included in the workshop . In the end , badges were distributed to the students who had answered a short question answer round. All in all, the children thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session and learnt many new concepts from it.

Workshop on “Value Your Blessings”

For classes –V & VI

Date : 26.9 22.

Periods : II & III

A workshop was organised by Anon Global Foundation for classes V & VI on the topic “ Value your Blessings” on 26.9.2022 .

It was explained how we should give value to what have been given to us by the grace of God .We should not look towards what we have not with us as compared to others .We never know how others are happy with what they have or unhappy with what they do not have.

It was very well organised and explained by Ms Aarti and her team members. The students were involved in various activities and learnt a lot .They shared their views also .

01.10.2022 to 31.10.2022
07.10.2022Workshop on ‘Anger Management’By ANONFor Classes VII to XII
18.10.2022Workshop on ‘Time Management’T.I.M.E. OrganisationFor Classes IX & XI