Gyan Mandir Public School , Naraina Vihar is enrolled in 5 Delhi Girls BN., Kirti Nagar and takes NCC as an activity. We have 50 cadets from classes VIII & IX who participate in all the programmes organized by NCC and in School like on Annual Day, Sports Day and Annual Fete enthusiastically.

Our cadets attend March past, Combined Annual Training Camp(CATC), National Integration Camp(NIC), Trekking camps and many other adventurous activities including; shooting by .22 Rifles.

Throughout the year students attend NCC theory and drill classes on every Wednesday and Fridays which are conducted by the ANO Second Officer Dr. Rita Yadav and PI staff of NCC.

Our school participates in all the activities; internal or external, actively and NCC cadets enjoy them too. These activities inculcate values of unity, team spirit and discipline in them and also groom them into dynamic youths for tomorrow, giving them first hand experience of defense life.

We expect it to be continued in the same way and even more effectively and enthusiastically.


The Darjeeling Trekking camp was organised by Sikkim NCC Battalion from 13 Nov.2019 to 19 Nov.2019. 4 Girl Cadets Muskan Karki , Kashish Tanwar , Pooja , Ishita Tanwar and Ano s/o Rita Yadav of our school were a part of the camp in which 57 cadets(JW & SW) and 2 Ano’s of Delhi Directorate , Group ‘B’ went to Kamrang ,Sikkim, West Bengal .The aim of this All India Girls Trekking Expedition was to foster the spirit of adventure,to develop and draw attention of the nation towards untapped areas in the state, develop National Integration, camaraderie amongst 500 girls of NCC who represented 5 NCC Directorates from all over India(Kolkata , Delhi , Madhya Pradesh , Jharkhand & Bihar and West Bengal) .All the cadets performed excellently well and were awarded certificates for the same. All the ANO’s were also awarded with certificates. Every day commenced with trekking and concluded with fun and entertainment night during the cultural programmes organised for recreation. Every day once state used to organise the cultural event for the evening. Overall the trekking camp was a rich learning experience for all the participants.


(25 SEPTEMBER 2022 to 2 OCTOBER 2022)

9 NCC cadets of Class IX of GyanMandir Public School, NarainaVihar , New Delhi (VaibhaviVishwakarma, Ostriya, AkshitaPhore, DevanshiNirwan, Mitali, Rishita Aggarwal, Riya Rai,Richa Rai,Tanishka Rajput) took part in the 'Annual Training Camp 2022' held from 25 September,2022 to 2 October,2022 at NCC Bhawan, Rohini New Delhi. The escorting teacher was the ANO of the school – 2 Officer Dr. Rita Yadav.

330 cadets (147 JW &183 SW) from different schools and colleges, 1 Officer, 4 ANOs, 5 Care Takers, 2 GCIs and 13 PI Staff of NCC participated in this camp.The aim of the Annual Training Camp was to foster the spirit of adventure, to develop the feelings of National Integration and to teach cadets the value of unity and discipline.

It was a wonderful experience for everyone. All the students learnt the values of punctuality, discipline, unity and strength. Various events were organised including Simulator firing ( By. 22 riffle ), drill, Zumba , Declamation, Poster making for Swachchta Abhiyan and cultural activities, where enthralled everyone . Every day, early morning, Yoga or PT was practised. It was followed by drill, regular lectures on various topics including health and hygiene, Self Defence, map reading, weapon training, firing practices and guest lectures on Fire control order, Health & Hygiene, Nutrition by Nicky Dabas (President of Nutrition & Natural Health Sciences Association) Violence against women by Yogita Bhayana( National commission for women),Traffic rules & regulations by Delhi traffic police andField craft/ Battle craft etc.

The cadets got an opportunity to visit the National War Memorial and India Gate on 30 September, 2022 and were shown the National ceremonies. All the cadets of our school participated with full enthusiasm in one or the other competition. All the 9 cadets of our school were awarded with certificates.

This was really a wonderful experience which created great memories. Overall it was an enriching experience for everyone.