School’s Achievements
01.11.2022 to 30.11.2022
School’s Achievements
21.11.2022 School Bagged ESD Champions Award (Education for Sustainable Development) for fostering the culture of sustainability among children and for showcasing the best practices and innovations (Global Sustainability Awards 2022) Incharges : Ms.Monika Lamba, Ms.Namrata and Ms.Swati Bose under guidance of Principal, Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya (Nov 2022)
Sports Competitions
17.10.2022 to 15.11.2022 R.L.Chopra Cricket League New Era public School, Dwarka, New Delhi Our school team played 7 league matches and qualified for play-offs and finals and won the championship by defeating DPS Vasant Kunj, New Delhi by 5 wickets. All the players have been felicitated by winner trophy medals and certificates. Avleen Kaur - VIII was the Captain of the Team and has been recognized with second most valuable player of the tournament
28.11.2022 & 29.11.2022 CBSE Zone Judo Comp. L.K.International School, Bawana Bronze Medal -Gaurav-XII-A (U-19),
Bronze Medal -Prince Tanwar-X-A (U-14),
Incharge-Mr.Param Shivplaha
Distt.Level Competitions
09.11.2022 Distt. Level Comp. (English Poetry Recitation) SBDAV Public School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 1st Position : Ishaan Gandharv – IX-B, Incharge – Ms.Prabha Sinha
10.11.2022 Distt. Level Comp. (Hindi Essay Writing and Extempore) JSMV S.V.,Sec-12, R.K.Puram, New Delhi Hindi Extempore : 1st Position - Aashia Ali – XII-A, Incharge - Ms.Ravita Tandon
Hindi Essay Writing : 2nd Position - Aadi Gupta – VIII-A,
Incharge – Ms.Suman Sharma
10.11.2022 Distt. Level Comp. (English Essay Writing and Extempore) SV No.3, Sec-7, R.K.Puram, New Delhi Hindi Extempore : 1st Position - Aashia Ali – XII-A, Incharge - Ms.Ravita Tandon
Hindi Essay Writing : 2nd Position - Aadi Gupta – VIII-A,
Incharge – Ms.Suman Sharma
10.11.2022 Distt. Level Comp. (English Essay Writing and Extempore) SV No.3, Sec-7, R.K.Puram, New Delhi 1st Position : English Extempore - Akshat Tanwar – X-A, Incharge – Ms.Prabha Sinha 2nd Position : English Essay Writing - Pratham Bhushal – XII-B, Incharge – Ms.Swati Bose
11.11.2022 Distt.Level Comp. (Light Music) Govt.Sarvodaya Sr.Sec.School, Sec-7, R.K.Puram, New Delhi 3rd Position : Dolly Mishra – IX-A, Mr.Hitesh Lal and Mr.Nikhil Parihar
15.11.2022 Distt.Level Qawalli Comp. SKV No.1, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi Result : 1st Position, Incharge – Ms.Pushpa Rani 21 Students: 1.Manthan-VII-B, 2.Ujjwal-VII-B, 3.Sumrit Raj-VII-B, 4.Ronit-VII-B, 5.Shivank-VII-B, 6.Aayush-X-A, 7.Gagan-X-A, 8.Daksh-X-B, 9.Saksham-X-A, 10.Dhruv-X-B, 11.Yuvraj Singh-X-A, 12.Priyanshu-X-A, 13.Laksh-X-A, 14.Love Rana-X-A, 15.Devansh-X-B, 16.Harshit-X-A, 17.Divyanshu-XI-A, 18.Krishna-XI-A, 19.Dhairya-XI-A, 20.Aakash-X-B, 21.Bhavye Bajaj-XI-A
16.11.2022 Distt.Level Patriotic Song Comp. Govt.Co-Ed.Sr.Sec.School, Sec-5, R.K.Puram, New Delhi Result : 3rd Position, Incharge - Mr.Hitesh Lal & Mr.Nikhil Parihar 19 Students: 1.Pooja-XII-C, 2.Tanushree-XII-B,3.Kavya-IX-A, 4.Prachi-X-B, 5.Komal-X-B, 6.Preksha-IX-A, 7.Vedangi Dubey-IX-A,8.Swasti Thakur-IX-A, 9.Dolly Mishra-IX-A, 10.Aarushi Sharma-IX-B, 11.Harshita Sharma-XI-B, 12.Kritika-XI-C, 13.Drishty Singhla-XI-A,14.Vanshika-IX-B
Kala Utsav Competitions
10.11.2022 Kala Utsav Comp. (Traditional Folk Dance) Govt.Sarvodaya Co-d.Sr.Sec.School, Sec-6, R.K.Puram,New Delhi 2nd Position : Traditional Folk Dance - Daksh Sawariya Incharge – Ms.Harshita Sharma
01.10.2022 to 31.10.2022
School’s Achievements
09.10.2022 Our school is nominated Fourth Time as Microsoft Showcase school by Microsoft
12.10.2022 Our School received "Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2022" through a noteworthy spectrum of initiatives and efforts under category- Transforming Education and Young Minds. Incharge – Ms.Monika Lamba
12.10.2022 Ms. Monika Lamba received Global Sustainability Award (Pewter) in staff category for doing tremendous work related to SDGs. 500+ schools from five different continent participated.
29.10.2022 Our school received ‘Best School Award’ in ‘Eco Friendly’ category by FAP National Awards 2022. Incharge-Ms.Namrata Vashishth
01.09.2022 to 30.09.2022
School’s Achievements
08.09.2022 Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya and Ms.Monika Lamba (TGT-Biology) received Educator of the year Award by Namaste India Council of Educators (NICE) in the field of ‘Serving for Education is Serving for Humanity’
23.09.2022 Principal – Ms.Rajesh Bano Preeya received Outstanding Principal Award 2022 from ADSRS Education and Research Silver Oak, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
28.09.2022 31 Students (VIII-5, IX-14, X-8, XI-2, XII-2) participated in Cultural programme (Dance, Poetry etc.) and received appreciation trophy by Hindustani Bhasha Academy at Indira Gandhi National Art Centre, Janpath, New Delhi. Incharges : Ms.Ravita Tandon, Mr.Nikhil Parihar, Mr.Hitesh Lal
01.08.2022 to 31.08.2022
School’s Achievements
08.08.2022 Our school has received an Appreciation Letter from Honourable Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal for rendering service to the society through our educational pursuits.
25.08.2022 Education Today, VAK Education Today Pvt. Ltd. Our School is ranked No.1 for “Holistic Education” in New Delhi, in the CBSE Category by esteemed jury panel for The North India’s School Merit Awards survey conducted by Education Today – Incharge – Ms.Monika Lamba and Ms.Neeru Sachdeva under the guidance of School Principal – Ms. Rajesh Bano Preeya
01.07.2022 to 31.07.2022
School’s Achievements
04.07.2022Appreciation Certificate receivedCareer 360, Publishing companyThe school received this certificate for excellence in Education
24.07.2022Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Quiz Competition for School StudentsRamakrishna Mission, Ramakrishna Ashrama Marg, New Delhi - 110 055The following students are selected for 2 nd round on 05.08.2022
1.Fizza Hussain - 8A,
2. Naitik Kanojia - 9B
3. Kritika Olla - 6 B,
4. Kushagra - 12 C 5. Vasishtha - 6 A
Incharge – Ms.Namrata Vashishth
25.07.2022Toppers detail of Class X and XII (2021-2022) published in Education Day News on 25.07.2022Toppers of School : Ayush Singla secured 94.6% in Class XII and Keshav Garg secured 95.8% in Class X
29.07.2022 Anon Utsav was celebrated by Anon Foundation and 16 School participatedAnon Foundation, New Delhi9 Students of our school performed and received Shield for school and Certificates for them for their outstanding presentation in singing : Suhani Tanwar-VIII-B, Kritika Dawar-VIII-B, Teeya Choudhary-VIII-B, Dolly Mishra –IXA, Vedangi Dubey- IX-A, Preksha- IX-A, Shruti Singla-VIII B, Arushi – IX-A, Jahanvi Chawla- VIII-B Incharge – Mr.Nikhil Parihar and Mr.Hitesh Lal
30.07.2022Inter School Competition ‘Sampravah VIII’Lovely Public School, Priyadarshini Vihar, New Delhi (Online + Offline)Shagun Tanwar-VI-B secured 2nd position in Click and Caption event Incharge-Ms.Parhelika Sharma
01.05.2022 to 31.05.2022
School’s Achievements
02.05.2022The Story of Gyan Mandir Public School was published in April 2022 in the monthly magazine published by ‘JUANATECH’ Microsoft Aspire School Program : With the help of Microsoft and Juana Technologies, we can conduct productive and interactive virtual classes via teams, Story telling sessions, staff meetings, uploading of files on One drive etc. etc.
04.05.2022Discovery School Super LeagueBYJU’s3 Students qualified for round 2 for their exceptional performance and proficiency in Maths and Science :- Manya Tanwar – III, Jatin Ghai-VII, Komal Choudhary-IX
06.05.20222nd Round Online prelims/Ground EventMind Wars organized at GMPSTEAM D which included students – Vanshika Chaudhary of IX-B & Aakash Kishor Tiwari of Class X-B was the winning team which got the Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 500. TEAM F which included students- Ishaan Gandharv of IX-B & Muskan of X-A secured 2nd position and got Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 250. Each participant was awarded with the certificates, which were given by Principal ma’am. Appreciation certificates were also awarded to Principal Ma’am & Ms.Namrata Vashishth
07.05.2022National Astro Podcast Contest -2021 (Think-Shoot-Upload-Aware)Space Technology and Education Pvt. Ltd.Riddhima Prachi-XII-B received first prize (SPACE Launcher 50mm Refrator Telescope worth Rs.2500/- & One month iAstronomer Club Membership worth Rs.999/-), Incharge – Ms.Kamia Tanwar Lakshita Chaudhary – VI-B received third prize (Two Months iAstronomer Club Membership worth Rs.2000), Incharge – Ms.Monika Lamba
08.05.2022The projects undertaken by Interact Club of Gyan Mandir Public School were published in ‘RCND’ Newsletter in the month of April 2022 of Rotary Club (Rotary District 3011), New DelhiProject 1: The Interact Club conducted webinars to sensitize the community about vertical plantation on rooftop and walls as they believe that trees are our lifeline.
Project 2 : Conducted various activities like acrostic poem composition, crossword, puzzles, poster – making, nukkad natak on the occasion of Earth Day Celebration Incharge : Ms.Neeru Sachdeva
11.05.2022World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) 2022 competition Indian Cancer Society (Online)5 Students received 3rd prize (Rs.1000/- each and certificate of 3rd prize) for Skit competition :- Mahi Chauhan-X-A, Ishaan Gandharv-IX-B, Madhavi- X-A, Vanshika Chaudhary-IX-B, Akshat Tanwar-X-A Animation : -Mananshika - VII-A received Participation Certificate
17.05.2022International Olympiad of Science (iOS21)-2021-2022Silver Zone Olympiad (Online)Jatin Ghai-VII received Special Achievement Certificate and Medal of Excellence –Gold (Class Topper) the student participated at his own
19.05.2022CBSE-National Coding Challenge 2022Online by CBSE Naman Rawat – VIII-A in the team ‘Gyanodian Techies-2’ has been selected among the top five winners at Regional Level, qualified for National Level (Result will be declared on 05.06.2022)
21.05.2022The activities of Interact Club of Gyan Mandir Public School were published in ‘JUNOON’ Newsletter in the month of April 2022 of Rotary Club (Rotary District 3011), New DelhiThe Interact club initiated a Green Awareness Programme and aims at building awareness and concern about India’s rich cultural heritage through heritage walks, visits to museums, quizzes, nukkad natak etc. Incharge : Ms.Neeru Sachdeva
23.05.2022Our School’s Earth Day celebration competition was recognized by Earth Day India Network, have uploaded our school’s clicks on their FaceBook pageGyanodians commemorate Earth Day 2022, by organizing a special assembly in the morning and pledged to discourage single use plastics to save Earth under the guidance of the Principal. The students performed “Nukkad Natak” followed by a wonderful dance on the song ‘Mother Earth’. Incharge : Ms.Monika Lamba and all the teachers involved
24.05.2022Best Heritage Club Award 2021-2022INTACHMs.Namrata – Incharge, School received Cheque of Rs.3000/- for the Best Heritage Club Award 2021-2022, Aarya Prasad Sahu – XII has got best heritage club student position (Book – Care for Heritage and Appreciation Certificate)
25.05.2022Our school’s Case study was selected to feature in the publication ‘Case Studies on Adaptation and Climate Resilience in schools and Educational Settings’ developed jointly by Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA), Centre for Environment Education (CEE) and Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) Incharges : Ms.Namrata Vashishth and Ms.Monika Lamba