A social welfare club has been set up in the school to look after the needs of the under privileged children and the problems of the old people. This club aims at sensitizing the students about the problems of the weaker strata and the problems faced by the old people in our society. The club has already taken steps in this direction. The students of the school visit the old age homes and orphanages. They spend their valuable time by sharing their views and listening to their woes and sufferings. They also distribute eatables, school bags, clothes, caps, shawls, socks, cardigans registers, books printer carpets etc. among the poor and the needy. Students express their enthusiasm and happiness to visit these places. The school also gives an open platform to skilled but unrecognised artisans The ultimate aim of the club is to serve mankind.

A literacy programme 'Each one teach one' has also been introduced by the Social Welfare Club, with an idea to spread knowledge of rights and duties and to give suggestion to the poor and needy people for their various problems and for providing literacy without causing detriment of their study. The club has widened the awareness of literacy via functions and activities which are as follows.

1) Local research and training:- We are identifying persons in the neighbouring area who are keen to learn and study. Illiterate people from neighbourhood and fourth class employees are made literate by the sincere efforts of our school students.

3) Awareness through charts, posters, display Boards & newsletter:- We display various issues related to literacy through charts, posters, display boards etc. Our own news letter is also published.

4) Distribution of books & study materials: Books and other study materials are distributed to those people who can't afford to buy such things.

5) Spreading awareness through rallies & door to door visit:- We are spreading legal literacy and awareness by setting up rallies, making door to door visits in the neighbouring areas, making road shows, distributing leaflets etc.

6) Participating in various competitions based on literacy :- Our school students participate in various literary competitions likes `Swarachit kavita vachan', Hindi & English story writing competition, Song competition, street plays etc., and win prizes for the same.

7) Awards, prizes & certificates:- After competition of three primers and T-9 test. The volunteer students & learners get certificates of state level by Human Resource Development Centre.

8) Workshops & Seminars:- Teachers attend seminars & workshops organised by DSLP for the betterment of the society on a regular basis. The students generate funds for such welfare activities by selling hand made envelopes, decorated diyas, contributions etc.

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