Instructions for Online Registration

Instructions for Online Registration

(A ) Criteria of Admission for General (Open )Seats

Pre- School (Nursery) 2022-2023
1 Total Points for Admission 100 points
i) Neighbourhood 60 points
  0 to 1 km. 60 points
  1 to 3 km. 50 points
  3 to 6 km. 40 points
ii) Sibling

The children whose sibling are studying.

20 points
iii) Alumni / Ex-Student

son /daughter of old students

10 points
iv) First Born Child 10 points
2. Availability of Seats
Pre- School (3 Section) 105 seats
General Category (Open Seats)75 % 79 seats
EWS/DG/CWSN Seats (25%) 26 seats
3. Age as on 31/03/2022 3+ Years
{ Children Born between 1st April 2018 and 31st March 2019}


1. Commencement of Admission process15.12.2021 (Wednesday)
  Availability of Application forms for admission 15.12.2021 (Wednesday)
  Last date of submission of application forms 07.01.2022 (Friday)
  Uploading details of children who applied for Admission under open seats 21.01.2022 (Friday)
  Uploading marks given to each of the children who applied for admission under open seats 28.01.2022 (Friday)
2.The date for Displaying the First List of selected children

(Including waiting list)

04.02.2022 (Friday)
  Fee to be deposited for selected children 04.02.2022 to 19.02.2022
3.The date for Displaying the Second List of children(if any)

(Including waiting list)

21.02.2022 (Monday)
  Fee to be deposited for Second list 21.02.2022 to 14.03.2022
4. Subsequent list of admission(if any)15.03.2022 (Tuesday)
5. Closure of admission process31.03.2022 (Thursday)

Registration charge – Rs. 25/-

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