Objectives : The Math Ramanujan Club aim to :

• Create an easy to learn concept of mathematies.

• Develope techniques of critical thinking

• Influence students to like Maths and explore their hidden potential in Maths

• Find paths to introduce IVIgh. in, crkaAve iniwgiiipe‘i,;,nis,-s. •

• Encourage the study and opposition of Mathematics.

• Help students with difficulties in Math

• Explore students patential as being Mathematicians.

• Promate a supportive leaning environment for Mathematics. Activities plan for 2014

• To implement individual activity kits for pre-primary classes to learn Mathematics in playway methods.

• To organise the workshop and weekly classes of vedic Mathematics for middle classes and Abaccus for the primary classes.

• To take part in various competitions.

• To organise various activities like maths quiz, presentation of models, Rangoli & poster making competitions, enactment on Mathematical topics.

• To organise interschool competitions on Mathematics weak.

• To take part in various Mathematics olympind & interschool competitions

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