Health of young children is of paramount importance. Health is certainly welath and the real wealth of nation is its future generation. Hence, it is one of the primary responsibility of the school to promote among its pupils awarness about the value of good health and how to maintain it. As a part of this endeavor we have the Health and Welness Club.

The objectives of the School Health Club are :

• To create Health Cards for each student.

• To create a health newspaper at least twice a year/organize poster competition related to health issues.

• To conduct surveys on health related concerns

• To conduct surveys on health related concerns

• To organize 'health walks' as part of social campaigns

• To tap the local resources in the community to arrange health talks

• To render service in any area affected by a disaster or a calamity

• To create health helpline within the school to help the students to destress, cope with emotional and social behaviour and to clearify misconceptions regarding adolescent health.

• To teach the techniques of yoga and meditation to the students from an early age

• To inculcate in the students healthy and positive ways of living

• To teach health songs on various health topics

• Celebration of important days (World Health Day - April 7, etc.)

• Creating awareness regarding 'World No Tobacco Day' (May 31),

• 'World AIDS Day' (December 1) etc

• Increasing Physical activity

• Healthy eating workshorp

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