'My Life is my message-Gandiji' Even after so many years of Gandhiji attaining martyrdom, his principles, his ideas keep guiding us. It was largely due to him that India attained its freedom.

In order to inculcate values of non-violence, peace, in the students of our school, the Gandhi Club was set up 2004. Some of the activities undertaken by this club include.

1. Observation of Special Days : Special assemblies are held on days like Gandhi Jayanti, Martyr's Day.

2. Competititions Organised by Gandhi Smriti :The students of our school also participate in Gandhi Quiz, Patriotic song Competitions, Declamation competitional etc organized by Gandhi Smriti and Gandhi Darshan.

3. Bharati Ko Jano Quiz : The Bharat ko Jano Quiz is also conducted in our school which enables the students to know about the heritage, cultures, ethics etc.

4. Value Educational Classes : Inculcation of values is given a lot of importance in the school. Special value education classes are held in the school to enable-the students to learn the values of honesty, integrity, discipline, sincerity etc.

It is the long history of humankind - those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.

Charles Darwin

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