Motto of our school is save energy save life

Energy Club allows the student to showcase their talents and concern towards energy conservations and various renewable sources. As students, parent and teachers are being sensitized towards “energy conservations” issues that confront each one of us , today. Students undertake various activities and present their ideas to conserve energy, as we all know “energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed”

Club was launched, with a motive to engage students, the future of our country, increasing awareness And taking their first steps in Energy Conservation. The program however, was never meant to stay in this narrow space, but to widen the horizon and enable a child to take necessary steps in his/her individual capacity to be better and responsible citizens of the world. Today, along with energy conservation, we are sensitizing students about resource scarcity, and effects of CO2 emissions.

We are also in the process of piloting a civic and moral values program for values are the foundations that make responsible citizens. Aims and Objectives of energy club

Clubs energy launched its resource conservation module across, with a focus on the importance of energy and fuel conservation. The module sensitized students on the scarcity, disadvantages and alternatives to fuel. The new module received enthusiastic response from all the members of the school. The module is developed on the pillars of:

• Fuel Conservation

• Water management

• Afforestation

• Waste Management

• Energy Conservation

Activities planned for academic year 2014-15

• Organizing energy conservation rally’s to sensitize children and community.

• Organizing debates, Presentations, models related to energy conservations

• Urja mela

• Poster making on topics “energy conservation-a vision of future” etc.

• Nokia activities ‘turn off save on”.

• Activities undertaken by “Tata power energy club.

• Participation in green school program.

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