Aim of the Consumer Club

The Club aims at preparing better consumers in future by sensitizing them towards the various consumer issues prevailing in society. The club is determined to focus on the the students and their parents too to become consumer conscious and be vigilant and wide awake on all such consumer products that are determintal and unsafe. OUR MOTTO --GREEN CONSUMERISM in the minds of its followers to have a better Tomorrow...It frequently remind students that it requires more sense to spend than to earn.. Activities of the Consumer Club (2014-215)

The club has been inspiring the students not only through speeches and discussions but has provided them a platform to showcase their own views and ideas on consumer issues. Activities :

1. Poster Making

2. Power Point Presentation

3. Slogan Writing

4. Quiz Market visit

5. Debate

7. Adulteration Check.

8. Radio show on consumer awareness

9. Declamation

10. Visit to Neighbourhood areas to Register Complaints of Neighbours,

11. Go Green Movement that will austerely focus on banning polythene bags in the school premises, the club will monitor on a regular basis and the club itself provides paper bags in place of poly bags to the students

12. Teachers and students of the school will also start CAR POOLS that saves a lot of fuel. In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of salves.: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy, what we require to be better and green consumers is to move above both

13. The celebration of National Consumer Day on 24 December..

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