C.B.S.E has introduced the CCE system of evaluation. CCE means Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. The objective of CCE is to facilitate holistic learning in the school.

• It will evaluate both scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

• It will have formative and Summative Assessment.

• Formative assessment will be done by the teacher to continuously monitor student progress and summative assessment will test the syllabus in a pen-paper test.

• Formative assessment and summative assessment both will be reflected in the report card.

• Co-scholastic areas include behaviour , discipline, life skills, attitudes, values, literary & creative skills, scientific skills, aesthetic skills, performing arts & clubs and physical education.

• CCE will eliminate cut throat competition, reduce social pressure and lead to better learning.

• Only the students who obtain the qualifying grades (D & above) in all the subjects shall be awarded a qualifying certificate both by the C.B.S.E and school.

• The candidate who obtain grade E1 or E2 in a subject will have to improve their performance through subsequent attempts in the board exams or well as school exams.

• Only those who not get grade (D and above) shall not be permitted for admission to the next class(VI-X).

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