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Founder Vice President Memorial Day


Gyan Mandir Public School, NarainaVihar, remains rooted to its foundation and acknowledges the great work and contributions of the philanthropic founders in the form of establishing a temple of knowledge with its gate thrown open to all. The students and the staff of the school celebrated Founder Vice President Memorial Day on 19.01.2021on a virtual platform to pay homage to the great soul, the Founder Vice President, Mrs.Kanwal Khosla whose mission was to train students to comprehend and revere human values , to impart meaningful knowledge that enables students to become global citizens and to create a child – centric school so that students can widen their horizons and scale new heights of achievement and glory.

 The programme commenced with the mellifluous chanting of gayatri mantra.Soulfulrendition of couplets of Kabir (Kabir keDohe) purified the whole atmosphere and made it vivifying. Academic toppers  were felicitated for their great achievements.




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